Welcome to Annie LeBling!

As y’all know, I love rocking cute accessories every day. You can always find me wearing at least one bracelet to tie my look together, so I thought I’d bring you guys in on the fun! My Annie LeBling bracelet designs are simple, playful, and they go with literally everything, so get ready to be the envy of everyone in your squad - they’re all going to want one. 
The bracelets are available in an assortment of different therapeutic earth stones, each featuring a sleek metal accent bead. My besties love the rose icon styles and my crush is going crazy for the lightning bolt symbol, so there’s a little something for everyone. Whether you want to go glam, or edgy and cool, we have all the designs you need to customize your look.  Get excited because we’ve got your new signature piece right here, all ready to go. Rock one color at a time or stack them up for a fun layered look that is comfortable and absolutely timeless. These babies are adjustable with easy drawstring closure and they honestly go with everything. I’m telling you, you and your crew are going to love them; my friends and I are already obsessed!